The Spiral Staircase - Based on Genesis 28:10-15
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Since I hadn’t had the chance to see Jacob before he left, I decided to see if I could find him.  I wanted to see how he was doing on his trip to Harran.  It was early in the evening, so I knew Jacob would be stopping soon.  My hope was that I could catch up to him before nightfall.  And yet for some reason, every time I focused on his imagine in order to transport to him, nothing happened and I stayed firmly planted where I was.  I decided to try and locate him the old fashioned way and just follow the path that I knew he had taken to Harran.  The rugged terrain made it difficult, but eventually, I found him.  It was now the middle of the night and I spotted Jacob lying on the ground with a stone resting under his head for a pillow.  I thought about how...

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