Adding Fuel to the Fire - Based on Genesis 28:6-9
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Jacob ended up leaving early before I had a chance to see him leave.  I had an uneasy feeling about Esau doing something terrible to Jacob, and because of this, I had stayed up most of the night waiting to see if anything would happen.  Apparently, Esau hadn’t even been around since the day that Jacob stole his blessing.  From what I could gather, he had gone out to hunt and hadn’t come back.  Just as I was contemplating what might happen when he returned, I spotted him lumbering down the road, carrying a dead carcass over his shoulder and looking mighty gruff.  He was such an obtrusive man and his presence didn’t go unnoticed for very long.  His wives came out to greet him straight away and he bent over and let the carcass fall to the ground at their feet.  He l...

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