An Oblilgatory Move - Based on Genesis 28:1-5
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Just as Jacob suspected, it wasn’t long before his mother returned and she seemed a bit calmer this time around.  Jacob looked up from his bed as his mother walked in.  As their eyes met, he just shook his head and looked at the ground once more.  I felt terrible for Jacob.  He was about to lose everything that he had ever known and loved, all because of a plan of deception that was devised by his mother.  It didn’t seem fair and yet I couldn’t deny that Jacob had been the one to go along with the devious plan in the first place.  I knew he wasn’t completely innocent, but I still felt that Rebekah should really be the one paying the price for this indiscretion.  Yet, instead, she was being completely let off the hook by a son who loved her so much, that h...

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