We Reap What We Sow - Genesis 27:41-46
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As soon as the sun crept over the horizon, I spotted Jacob sneaking back towards his tent.  Rebekah was up to, for I could see her peeking out of her tent hoping to catch a glimpse of Jacob before Esau did.  Apparently, one of the servants overheard Esau talking to his wives, telling them that as soon as his father passed on, he was planning on killing Jacob for what he had done.  A loyal servant came to Rebekah at once and told her of Esau’s evil plan.  Rebekah went to find Jacob immediately, but couldn’t find him.  She began to panic and continued looking for him.  At last, Rebekah breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted Jacob going into his tent.  She quickly threw a wool wrap around her shoulders and went to tell Jacob everything she had heard.  Jacob ju...

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