Stolen Blessings - Based on Genesis 27:30-40
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I stood back against the wall as Rebekah was pacing the floor.  She was biting her nails and had a look of worry covering her lovely face.  Esau startled her the moment he entered the tent and Rebekah crept up behind him and hid next to the doorway as Esau entered his father’s room.  Esau was carrying a large bowl of venison and the smell captured Isaac’s attention almost immediately.  Esau said to his father “Sit up and eat some of the venison that I have brought you, I am ready for my blessing.”  Isaac knew at once that something was terribly wrong, and so he said, “Who are you?  You can’t be my son, Esau, for he was just here a moment ago and already brought me my meal.”  Esau responded and told his father that he was indeed Esau and Es...

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