A Sinister Plot - Based on Genesis 27:1-29
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One morning I was awakened by Isaac calling out for Esau.  Poor Isaac was now completely blind and stayed in bed most every day.  He felt his life was getting shorter by the hour since his brother had passed away at this very same age, and he wanted to give Esau his blessing before it was too late.  I saw big burley Esau, rush into his father’s room.  Everyone was concerned that Isaac didn’t have much longer to live and jumped at his every request.  Isaac explained to Esau that he wanted to give him his final blessing, but before he would do that, he wanted Esau to kill a deer and prepare some venison for him.  I noticed Rebekah listening silently, she was hidden behind the curtain which covered the entrance to the bedroom.  She waited until Esau left and then proce...

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