An Inconvenient Marriage - Genesis 26:34-36
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Years passed and Rebekah and Isaac were enjoying the peaceful life they were living in Beersheba.  Jacob and Esau were still living at home and had just celebrated their fortieth birthdays.  Esau was growing bored in his hunting endeavors, especially since his father was getting older now and couldn’t hunt with him the way that they were once able to.  He was looking for something a little more substantial since he was getting older.  Esau also wanted to find someone who would cook meals for him whenever he did manage to take a break from hunting, and so he sought out a couple of women that he was sure would be able to make him happy.  The women were both from the Hittite clan and did not worship the one true God.  I could tell from the look on Rebekah’s face the first time...

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