Finally a Peaceful Home - Based on Genesis 26:12-25
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It wasn’t long before I could see the blessings which came from Isaac’s honest response to King Abimelek.  His wealth grew until he became a threat to the king himself.  So one day, the king called for Isaac and asked him to move away.  Early one morning, I watched as Isaac began to pack up his family and move towards the valley.  The distance wasn’t far, but because of his large flocks and herds, it took a very long time for Isaac to move everyone.  The Philistines did not seem to care for Isaac or his family, and one day as I was walking along one of the roads which led a little further down into the valley, I noticed some men filling up a couple of wells with dirt.  These were the very same wells which Abraham had dug years earlier, and I wondered why these me...

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