History Repeats Itself - Based on Genesis 26:1-11
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Years passed and eventually, a famine caused Isaac to feel the need to move his family into a more plentiful region.  I was surprised when the Lord revealed himself to Isaac and told him not to go to Egypt, but instead to gather his family and move to Gerar which was north of Egypt.  Gerar was the same place where King Abimelek lived and ruled over the Philistines.  The Lord also reminded Isaac, of how His promise to Abraham, extended to him and his family as well.  So Isaac agreed to move to Gerar and settled there with his family.  Rebekah was just as beautiful, if not more so than Isaac’s mother Sarah had been; and just as Abraham had feared for his life because of Sarah’s impressive beauty, Isaac felt the same way in regards to Rebekah’s beauty.  So when they ar...

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