A Birthright is No Match For the Red Stew - Based on Genesis 25:27-34
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I stayed and watched the boys grow up.  Esau became an experienced hunter, because of the practical teachings of his father.  Jacob became an expert in culinary skills, thanks to his mother.  I could tell that Jacob was very intelligent, by the way he responded when his mother would explain things to him.  He also seemed to grasp the spiritual nature of things more easily than his brother Esau.  On the other hand, Esau was a fine outdoorsman, who loved the thrill of the hunt.  He was much more rugged than Jacob and preferred to be outside on a regular basis.  Esau had a special bond with his father, and Jacob had a close bond with his mother.  The two brothers were quite content though and never showed any signs of resentment towards each other, in regards to these unique bonds...

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