Double Blessings - Based on Genesis 25:24-26
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The time had finally come for Rebekah to give birth to the twins.  I wondered… would they be boys or girls, or one of each?  Panic flooded the room as Rebekah cried out in pain.  Nobody knew she was having twins, except for Rebekah herself.  The look on Rebekah’s face showed she was in intense pain and bouts of nausea and vomiting left her weak and dehydrated.  Her maid tried to comfort her the best that she could, but Rebekah could not be calmed.  This was all very new to her and she didn’t have her own mother present to comfort her.  Rebekah was getting on in years and the pregnancy had intensified the aches and pains of her already aging body.  After hours of laboring, Rebekah had almost given up.  The pain was just too much to bear and she felt like...

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