The Twelve Tribes Begin - Based on Genesis 25:12-20
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When I awakened, it seemed as if many years had now passed and I found myself viewing another burial.  I wondered who had died and then recognized Ishmael’s wife standing off to the side; crying while several men tried to comfort her.  After further inspection, I realized it was, in fact, Ishmael who had now passed and the men comforting Ishmael’s wife were her twelve sons.  Ishmael’s wife wanted nothing to do with her boys hovering over her though and dismissed them with a wave of her hand.  I watched as she pulled her black veil tighter over her tear stained face and abruptly starting running toward a pathway which wound its way through a small patch of trees.  She soon disappeared from sight, while her sons were left to tend to Ishmael’s body.  I discovered that...

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