Dearly Departed - Based on Genesis 25:1-11
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I decided to leave Isaac and Rebekah alone and give them some much-needed privacy.  I began to wonder what Abraham was doing and focused my mind on his name.  After locating him, I spotted a woman which I had never seen before.  She was an older woman and appeared to be tending to some laundry which she was washing in the nearby spring.  I heard Abraham call for her and learned that her name was Keturah.  Keturah responded to Abraham by shouting, “I’m here!”  I watched as Keturah worked fast to wring out the last of the wet laundry and place the final piece of clothing carefully into a basket which was resting beside her.  Once she was finished, she stood up, dusted herself off, and ran swiftly over to the tent where I had seen Abraham appear earlier.  I no...

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