A Love Like No Other - Based on Genesis 24:59-67
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 Bethuel and his wife watched Rebekah for as long as they could before she disappeared beyond the hazy midday horizon.  They had both finally agreed to let their daughter leave and sent her off with many good wishes and blessings for a prosperous future.  Rebekah sat atop her very own camel, loaded down with saddles filled to the brim with the lavish gifts that had been brought to her on behalf of Abraham and Isaac.  Rebekah was wearing the finest garments that could be found and sat atop her camel like a princess striding along to find her prince.  The beauty of her youthful face was enchanting and led some of the men to feel ashamed for looking at their master’s future daughter-in-law in such an impure manner.  Rebekah’s nurse rode alongside Rebekah, glaring at the men who dared...

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