A Brave Decision is Made - Based on Genesis 24:54-58
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The men awakened from a restful sleep.  I wondered how the events of the day would go, once reality set in that Rebekah was actually leaving.  I imagined the family would probably start having doubts about Rebekah leaving.  Just as I thought, after sleeping on their decision, the family started to rethink their agreement.  As soon as Rebekah’s mother caught wind of the servant’s plans to leave after the camels were loaded, she became extremely uncooperative and demanded that the servant let Rebekah stay for another couple of weeks.  The servant, of course, did everything he could to explain how they would be interfering with the Lord’s plan if she did not let Rebekah go with him at once. Both Rebekah’s mother and brother, then agreed that Rebekah should be allowed to make her own...

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