Swearing by Posterity - Based on Genesis 24:1-9
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Being advanced in age, Abraham now felt the urgency of finding a wife for his son.  He knew that it was up to him to find an appropriate wife for Isaac, especially now that Sarah was gone.  He needed to find someone who was not a Canaanite, in order to full-fill the Lord's request.  I watched as Abraham slowly paced around the room with his head hung low.  He had a serious look upon his face, and his gnarled fingers tore through his hair, as a million thoughts seemed to race through his mind.  Then suddenly, he looked up with a radiant look upon his face.  An idea beckoned to free him from his frazzled state.  Clapping his hands together in delight, he called for his eldest servant.  At once, an elderly man appeared by Abraham’s side, giving full attention to his m...

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