Fading Loveliness - Based on Genesis 23:3-20
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Abraham abruptly rose from where he had been kneeling over the lost love of his life.  Even in death, her loveliness had not expired.  I could see that Abraham realized he needed to find a burial-place for Sarah as soon as possible.  He wanted to protect her beauty from fading before the eyes of others; but more importantly, he wanted to protect his own last memory of her as well.  Abraham was still very much a foreigner in this particular land, and so he knew it would be hard to find a place to bury Sarah.  I watched Abraham intently, to see what he would do next.  The room was dead silent, which was strange, considering the amount of people who had crowded into the small room.  Finally though, Abraham spoke and broke the silence.  It was almost like a window had shattered, as...

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