Too Late for Goodbyes - Based on Genesis 22:20-24 & 23:1-2
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Now it came about upon returning, that Abraham was informed about his brother Nahor, living in the land of Haran.  He learned that Nahor was the proud father of twelve sons.  Abraham had a curious expression upon his face, and I wondered if he was thinking the same thing I was.  It was certainly unclear, why God had granted Nahor so many children, and had so far only given Abraham two.  The Lord after all, had made a promise to Abraham, and I wondered how that promise would ever be fulfilled.  Over the following years, I watched Abraham acquire several homesteads.  Due to the animals overgrazing, he occasionally moved his family from one homestead to the next.  It had now been over a decade since the sacrifice on the mountain, and Sarah had been living in the land of Canaan, at one o...

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