A Welcoming Departure - Based on Genesis 22:19
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The next day, I could sense light streaming across my face.  I opened my eyes just enough to get a glimpse of brilliant pink and orange rays, all of which were streaking across the pale valley below.  The color reminded me of some of the cactus flowers, which I had come across in recent days.  I wanted to savor the moment for as long as I could, but unfortunately my attention was soon distracted by Abraham, who was throwing handfuls of sandy soil over the altar.  The altar sizzled and hissed it’s final farewell, and within a short time, became nothing more than a steaming pile of coal and ash.   After brushing his palms together, in order to remove the remaining dust from his hands, Abraham lifted up his right foot and began stomping on the remaining coals.  A few stray ember...

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