Obedience Like No Other - Based on Genesis 22:4-18
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I traveled along the dusty road, which eventually lead me to the land of Moriah. It took me three days to get there, and by the third day, I was dying of thirst and aching from the long cumbersome walk. I hadn’t been able to use mind-travel to get to Abraham this time, and I was a little worried about what I would see when I finally did find Abraham and his son Isaac. As I neared the base of one of the largest mountains, I could see a few young men standing next to a donkey. They seemed to be looking up at something. With the sun almost at its peak now, the men were shielding their eyes as best they could. Clearly, they were trying to get a better look at something that was moving near the outer ridge of the mountain. I assumed that the movement was none other than Abraham and Isaac...

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