A Resolve for Honesty - Based on Genesis 21:22-34
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The joy in seeing Ishmael and Hagar in their new lives quickly faded, as I found myself transported back to Beersheba.  Abraham was standing next to a well in the middle of a hot arid land, and looked quite displeased.  I hadn’t been there long, before I noticed Abimelech and the commander of his army, Phicol, coming down the road on their chariots.  I was surprised to see Abimelech again.  The last time I laid eyes upon him, he was begging Abraham and Sarah to leave, and desperately hoping that God didn’t annihilate him for marrying Sarah.  As the two men dismounted, I could sense tension building within Abraham.  Sweat was beading up around his brow, and he began to wring his hands in anticipation of this unannounced meeting.  As the king drew closer, Abraham bowed low t...

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