He Heard Him Cry - Based on Genesis 21:15-21
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It didn’t take long for the rising sun to rob Hagar and Ishmael of their energy.  The skin of water they took turns carrying was almost exhausted, and the desert sand scorched their unprotected feet.  The day seemed to drag on, as I watched them walk mile after mile into the wilderness.  With hardly a bush or tree in sight, they prodded along until at last they spotted a bit of shade amongst a rare alcove of brush.  I could see Hagar as she offered the last of the water to Ishmael, only a few drops remained to quench his parched tongue.  Ishmael leaned into Hagar for support, dehydration was setting in, and his hands started to become crippled in appearance.  Hagar laid him down gently under one of bushes.  I could hear Ishmael's breathing becoming shallow and strained.&nb...

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