Transported Through the Pages of Time - Based on Genesis 21:8-14
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All at once I felt dizzy and could no longer stand.  I found myself sliding down the wall and landing hard against the cold floor.  My vision blurred and the room seemed to change.  Everything seemed strange now and any noise that I made, echoed throughout as if I were sitting in a tunnel.  The sound of my breathing echoed loudly too and color didn’t exist anymore; instead everything was a hazy swirl of monotones.  I sat there for what seemed to be a very long time and all I could hear was the strain of my breath and the pounding of my heart.  I felt as if I were about to die, and yet I knew this couldn’t be the end; this story just had to continue.  I wished with all my heart to see what would happen next.  I closed my eyes and tried to keep calm, bu...

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