A Promise Fulfilled - Based on Genesis 21:1-7
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I awoke to the sound of great joy and laughter.  Sarah had discovered that she was pregnant and was flying around the room like a lark, grabbing and kissing everyone who was within her reach.  She seemed as if she were a young girl once more and her eyes sparkled with excitement.  It was hard for me to believe that Sarah was already ninety years old.  Today, she resembled a girl in her mid-twenties.  I could tell that Abraham was just as thrilled as Sarah; a proud grin sat upon his face and he seemed very pleased with himself, as he stood with his arms folded across his chest.  Abraham was one hundred years old now, and suddenly he too looked years younger.  I noticed Hagar sitting in the corner of the room looking awkward and out-of-place.  The pain in her eyes was obvious...

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Table of Contents

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