More Lies - Based on Genesis 20:1-18
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I sat on the top of the mountain, just across from where Lot and his family were still living in the shelter of a small cave.  I couldn’t see much through the foggy haze, but I had an intense urge to go and see how Abraham and his family were faring.  I decided to focus on the last place that I had seen him, and I immediately found myself standing in the middle of nowhere.  When I looked out towards the land where the city of Sodom had once stood, I saw nothing but a barren wasteland.  The earth was black and there was still a fair amount of soot which lingered in the air.  It was actually quite difficult to breathe.  The air quality had become tainted and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I couldn’t stay here for very long.  I decided to head s...

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