Hell on Earth - Based on Genesis 19:12-26
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It was now late into the evening.  With urgency in their voices, I heard the angels asked Lot if he had any other family members living in the city.  The angels explained that Lot needed to take his entire family, and leave immediately if they wanted to save their lives.  Apparently, the outcries of the people had become unbearable to God.  The people were in such despair and agony because of how corrupt they had become, that the Lord couldn’t bear to see them suffer anymore.  For God, it was just too much, the suffering had to end.  In order to do that, God knew that He had no other choice but to destroy the entire city.  I heard Lot try to convince his son-in-laws to follow him out of the city; warning them of the danger that was headed their way.  Unfortunately, be...

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