Immorality at its Finest - Based on Genesis 19:1-11
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The angels eventually reached the city of Sodom and Lot was there sitting on the gate.  I could tell by the look on Lots face, that he knew that these were no ordinary men, and he greeted them by bowing low to the ground.  He beseeched the men to come into his home and stay the night with him.  The angels said that they wanted to spend the night in the city square, but after Lot insisted, the angels finally agreed to his hospitality and entered Lots home.  Lot prepared a great feast for the angels.  Everything smelled amazing and even the unleavened bread looked appetizing.  The angels enjoyed the banquet, and soon everyone was looking as if they were ready to retire for the evening.  However, before they could even clear their dishes away, an angry crowd of people could be heard...

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