The Mysterious Visitors - Based on Genesis 18:1-15
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A short time later, visitors arrived at the tent of Abraham and Sarah.  They appeared to be three average looking men, but for some reason, I knew that they were far from “average”.  It was as if I knew these three men, but couldn’t for the life of me place where I had seen them last.  Then, the tallest one spoke.  I knew at that moment, the “One” who graced our presence.  It was Jesus himself, in human form.  The two other men proceeded to speak too, and after hearing their voices, I knew not their names, but I felt their holy presence flow through my body, as if a bolt of lightning had just struck me.  I knew at once that they were not human, and I suspected that they were instead, angels in human form.  I felt odd standing in their presen...

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