Brilliant Affliction - Based on Genesis 17:1-27
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One morning, I suddenly found myself in the midst of an incredible sight.  I lost my balance and fell backwards because of the majestic beauty and brilliant light that encompassed the entire room.  I tried to keep my eyes open, but the light was so powerful, that I was almost blinded after only a second of trying to look upon the scene before me.  I shielded my eyes as best I could, and tried to straighten myself up.  The light was not only bright, but intensely hot.  It felt as if I were standing in front of an open oven, which had been set to an extremely high temperature.  It became hard to breathe through the hot air, and I staggered around the room until I could no longer stand.  I sunk to the ground, and tried to stay conscious.  I felt myself start to float out...

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Table of Contents

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