Tough Decisions - Based on Genesis 16:1-16
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The days continued to drag on, and Abram and Sarai grew impatient.  It had been ten years since God made His promise to Abram.  With Sarai now in her seventies and Abram in his eighties, hope of having children of their own seemed nearly impossible.  Finally the day came when Sarai decided that she couldn't wait any longer, and so she took matters into her own hands.  I heard the desperation in Sarai’s voice as she pleaded with Abram to sleep with Hagar who was her maid.  Sarai seemed to be convinced that this was her only hope of ever having children from her husband.  I watched as Sarai tried to convince Abram that this was the only way to carry on their bloodline.  It took a long while, but finally Abram agreed, and I saw Sarai lead Hagar into one of the bedrooms.&n...

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