Sharing Dreams - Based on Genesis 15:1-21
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As the days passed by, I was impressed by the obedience that Abram showed to God, and his willingness to obey a God that he had never seen face-to-face.  I had to ask myself, would I have been so loyal a servant under the same circumstances?  Each night as Abram slept, I found myself sharing Abrams thoughts and dreams, as if they were my very own.  God continually reminded Abram that He would protect him and his family; that He would act as a shield and offer great rewards to Abram if he would only believe in Him wholeheartedly.  During one particular dream, I remember God showing Abram what one of his rewards would be.  God was walking next to Abram and pointing up towards the unclouded starlit sky.  I remember Him telling Abram, that even though he and his wife were well beyond their...

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