Victorious - Based on Genesis 14:17-24
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Like a serpent speaking with an ulterior motive, I heard king Bera call out to Abram.  Abram had just returned home; a victor in a land that rarely saw providence for what it truly was.  Dressed in blood soaked clothing and weakened from his recent battle, Abram entered the house of Melchizedek.  The enticements from king Bera were temporarily subdued, as Abram entered the enormous tent like structure.  A magnificent feast was laid out; provisions fit for a king.  The room was splendidly decorated in purple and red fabric, with strands of real gold thread woven in between the fine mesh.  Servants carefully poured wine from leather pouches into golden goblets, and beautifully dressed girls danced to the sound of drums being played.  The vast room was filled with the aroma of dark spices,...

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