Vile Kings and Sticky Tar Pits - Based on Genesis 14:1-16
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Feeling tired and somewhat lightheaded from traveling through the desert, I decided to close my eyes and rest for a while.  While sleeping, I began to see visions of war.  I saw a man named king Chedorlaomer ruling with an iron fist.  He was an Elamite, who wanted power over all of the tribes and cities that surrounded the plain near the Jordan River.  There were already five kings who were ruling the plain region; the first was king Bera, who was king of Sodom, the second was king Birsha, who was king of Gomorrah, the third was king Shinab, who was king of Admah, the fourth was king Shemeber, who was king of Zeboyim, and the fifth was the king of Bela.  King Chedorlaomer spent twelve years subjecting these five kings to submit to his authority.  However, in the thirteenth year, the So...

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