Give and Take - Based on Genesis 13:1-18
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Feeling defeated in spirit, but abundant in wealth, I watched as they all traveled back to the Negev Desert.  I could see that Abram and Lot had acquired copious amounts of livestock now.  In fact, there seemed to be so many, that it looked as if they could hardly keep track of any of them.  Fortunately, there were many herders to help control all of the flocks and herds.  The animals moved leisurely over the hot barren land and batted at swarming flies with their bristly tails.  Some of the animals were carrying sacks full of silver and gold, which made travel for them even more burdensome.  They stopped to rest several times along their journey and finally made their way back to the region between Bethel and Ai.  The land was already very barren and could not support the amount o...

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