The Journey Continues - Based on Genesis 12:10-20
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They had not been settled long, before a terrible famine fell upon the land they were living in.  It was a horrible sight to see so many starving animals.  I could tell that the poor beasts probably hadn’t eaten in months, as their rib cages began protruding from the sides of their weary bodies.  The people also looked malnourished, and many sat crumpled under weather worn tents, looking off into the distance, clinging to a hope that was almost forgotten.  The sight overwhelmed me, and tears stung my smoldering cheeks.  I thought to myself, how could this be?  Why were these people being made to suffer this way, when a promise of blessings beyond measure had recently been made to them?  It was clear that Abram himself began to question God’s promise too.  So Abram decid...

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