Faith and Trust in the Midst of Uncertainty - Based on Genesis 11:32 - 12:1-9
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Years went by, and eventually Terah took his last breath.  He had lived a full life of two hundred and five years.  Now that Terah was gone, the responsibility fell to Abram to continue the journey that his father had left unfinished.  I could hear the Lord speaking to Abram in a soft whisper this time.  He told Abram that by completing the journey, he would ultimately be part of a great nation that would start with him, and that he would also have authority and greatness beyond measure.  The Lord also told Abram that other people would be blessed through him, as long as they were not against him.  He told Abram that he would have material and spiritual prosperity and others that lived according to his example, would have these gifts as well.  So I watched once more, as the family...

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