Traveling Onward - Based on Genesis 11:10-31
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I found myself once again watching many generations pass before me, it was like watching a movie being fast forwarded.  Since the days of Noah, eleven generations lapsed before me, and as the scenes gradually slowed down, I soon found myself gazing upon the city of Ur.   I decided to explore a bit and I eventually spied a man named Terah who had three sons.  I watched as he spoke in earnest to two of his sons named Abram and Nahor.  Apparently, his son Haran had been ill for quite some time and he was relaying the grim details of Haran’s condition to Abram and Nahor.  Not long after, I watched on in sorrow, as Haran eventually took his last breath.  Haran’s family mourned his passing, and Haran’s daughters Milkah and Iskah were in much despair over the death of their...

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