The Tower of Damnation - Based on Genesis 11:1-9
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I found myself along a deserted desert road.  I then inspected the road from where I stood.  The road seemed to go on forever and the only thing that I could see, was a hazy mirage in the far off distance and a trail of dusty footprints.  I recalled overhearing Noah’s grandchildren speaking of moving eastward, in order to search for a place that they could call their own.  As I walked along the road, I knew that I was probably nearing the place that they had journeyed to.  I couldn’t imagine why else I would be on an endless road to nowhere.  As I continued walking, I felt a sudden inclination to run in the opposite direction.  Something seemed off about the road that I was traveling on and I felt very uneasy as I trudged along.  The hot arid climate made it...

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