Impropriety - Based on Genesis 9:18-28 - 10:1-32
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After a long deep sleep, I awoke refreshed and ready for a brand new day.    I was ready to see what had become of Noah and his family, now that they were finally free from the confinement of the ark.  I tried concentrating on the last place I had seen them, but could only see a mountaintop covered completely in snow and ice.  I decided trying to imagine a place down in the valley, a place they might have gone.  It was hard to imagine a place that I had never seen or been before, and I was having difficulty locating them.  I had almost given up the search, when I began to wonder if I shouldn’t just try to focus on their faces instead.  As soon as I did this, I could see Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  They were standing outside in the middle...

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