Rules and Rainbows - Based on Genesis 9:1-17
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After witnessing so much devastation, I was relieved when I finally found myself in a dark, hollow room.  In fact, it was so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face.  I could however, hear a conversation going on.  I recognized one of the voices immediately, and instantly felt the urge to close my eyes.  With my eyes closed tight, my senses were heightened and I could hear the voices even better.  The conversation sounded like a father having a heart to heart talk with his son.  Then I realized exactly who was speaking.  One voice was clearly the voice of God; loud and deliberate, full of wisdom and knowledge.  The other voice had to be that of Noah; since I mostly just heard a bunch of agreements from him, and not a whole lot of talking back. ...

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Table of Contents

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