Waiting and Watching - Based on Genesis 7:24 - 8:1-14
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After more than one hundred and fifty days, the water started to recede and the ark suddenly came to rest on what appeared to be the top of a mountain.  The inside of the ark was cold and drafty.  I shivered as I watched Noah and his family huddling together trying to keep warm.  The winds outside howled, and the ark was teetering ever so slightly.  The water still splashed violently against the sides of the ark and seemed to be trying to tear it from its perch.  The animals became restless and the stench was overwhelming.  Everyone seemed confused and unsure of what to do.  For months, I watched as Noah and his family tried their best to care for each other and the animals on board.  The work was tiresome, and I could tell that the cold was making it hard for them to ev...

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