Corruption and Sacrifice - Based on Genesis 6:9-22
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I could see clearly, that the lineage of the coming Messiah was in serious danger of becoming tainted because of the Nephilim.  Ultimately, it meant that the future bloodline of the promised King, was in extreme jeopardy.  In order for the final sacrifice to take place, a pure blood line from Seth, all the way to Mary (mother of Jesus), had to be secured.  So, it was with a heavy heart that God decided to sacrifice His beautiful infantile world, by causing a great flood.  He knew His exquisitely designed creation, would have to be destroyed; in order to provide eternal life, for future generations.  I watched apprehensively, as God proceeded to tell Noah everything that had to be done, in order for the final prophecy to be fulfilled.  God explained to Noah, how He had to put an end to t...

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