The Appointed One Arrives - Based on Genesis 4:25 - 5:1-32
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I realized more than ever that I needed to re-visit Adam and Eve.  It seemed like years had passed, since I had last seen them.  In fact, it had been about thirty years since I witnessed Cain slay Abel.  As I focused my thoughts on the last place which I had seen them, I found myself in a very familiar place.  Eve had once again delivered a beautiful baby boy.  She was crying and shaking uncontrollably.  Adam was kneeling down beside her, trying his best to comfort her.  She began to speak, but she just couldn’t seem to explain why she was so upset.  Once she began to calm down, I could hear her tell Adam that she thought God had granted her this son, in order to replace Abel.  Because of this, they decided to name him Seth, his name meaning “appointed&rdquo...

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