Generations - Based on Genesis 4:17-24
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I closed my eyes tight and focused my mind on the place where God had sent Cain.  I wanted to see what had become of him now that he was in the land of Nod.  It took all of my strength and energy, to transport myself to this dismal land which Cain had been exiled to.  The reality of the place was lost somewhere in the back of my mind.  Being in a constant dreamlike state, made it hard for me to fully understand and comprehend the events occurring around me.  The scene I arrived upon, was like watching a movie through a very thin moving veil; some events appeared blurry to my vision, and yet other events were clearer when the veil wasn’t moving as much.  In this particular moment, I could see Cain and his new wife sitting together holding their newborn son.  They named...

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Table of Contents

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