Exiled - Based on Genesis 4:10-16
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Sadly, I could see the sudden remorse in Cain’s eyes.  There was no going back and he knew it.  The Lord’s voice was angry and resolved.  I could hear Him ask Cain, “What have you done?”  God knew the answer though and didn’t wait for him to respond.  He knew Cain had deliberately killed Abel out of jealousy and He also knew the thoughts that Cain had been thinking after Abel was slain.  The Lord immediately started issuing a punishment equal to the crime committed.  He exiled Cain to be a restless wanderer on the earth and he took away Cain’s ability to yield his precious crops.  Cain was absolutely crushed, I could see the painful look upon his face.  He was being abandoned by God, the worst fate of all.  Cain understood that he cou...

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