A New Beginning - Based on Genesis 4:1-2
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The past and present events of Adam and Eve’s lives started to flash all around me; as I found myself standing in what appeared to be a tunnel.  It seemed as if a great wind were blowing through the tunnel at a tremendous speed and with great force; however, I was wasn’t moving at all.  My hair hung motionless at my shoulders, and I walked along the tunnel not feeling any air movement whatsoever.  The silence was unnatural and caused me to shudder.  How could this be?  Everything around me showed movement at gale force speeds, and yet I was indisputably untouched.  It was like standing in the middle of a tornado, and seeing everything moving forcefully around you, but not feeling or hearing anything at all.  As I walked along the tunnel watching the images flash by, I st...

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Table of Contents

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