Cursed - Based on Genesis 3:10-19
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Dizziness set in and my head was a muddled mess.  I staggered around, desperately trying to keep my balance.  In a short time, I was transported to another part of the forest.  I found myself deposited in what seemed to be a very confined area.  The trees grew even thicker here and the fragments of sky that I could see, appeared dark and foreboding.  I noticed the same man and woman who I had seen before.  They were now both huddled up together near a large boulder.  They seemed frightened and hesitant to respond to the powerful voice which was calling out to them.  Finally the man spoke out; fear, hesitation, and shame, were very apparent in his voice.  He began to blame the woman for his angry outburst, which he said had caused him to make a hasty decision.  He se...

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