Devious - Based on Genesis 3:1-9
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I was suddenly awakened by the sound of crunching leaves, whispering voices, and the annoying buzz of insects which were apparently hovering somewhere nearby. Opening my eyes was quite difficult. My eyelids felt heavy, like they had been sealed shut for an extremely long time.  Trying to open them, was like trying to pry a metal lid off of a can of soup. After taking a moment to adjust to my surroundings and gain some equilibrium, I noticed a couple of people standing in the far distance. The shadowy figures were dark against the foggy mist, which was covering the entire forest bed. The voices were low and harsh sounding, and I decided to get a closer look. As I got nearer, I could tell that there was some sort of argument going on. Evidently, from what I could discern, the woman had eaten something that...

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Table of Contents

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