Love at First Sight - Based on Genesis 2:4-25
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As I laid back against the cool soft ground in my dreamlike state, I began to see tiny glimpses, or rather snippets of a story unfolding. It was like watching an old movie film, flashing slides at random intervals, and in between the intervals, I saw nothing but a few fuzzy lint pieces scattered about on the screen. As the various pictures flashed against the dark backdrop of my mind, I began to make out bits and pieces of the full story. I saw a man slowly come to life, as a swirl of dust suddenly appeared to take on shape, clarity and depth. In another instance, I was able to make out a woman, who was literally drawn out from the chest of the same man. It was as if an invisible hand were reaching into the man's deep chest and pulling this beautiful creature out from within his soul; delicately placi...

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