Reverie - Based on Genesis 2:1-3
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After hearing the stories of creation over the many years of my life, I knew that today had to be the end of my visions. What more could come? It was day seven, the day when God would rest. I was holding my breath in hopes that I would still be in my magical place; the dreamlike world that had held me captive for the last six days. I loved being free from the uninteresting and routine life that was awaiting me back home. I wanted to hold onto this fascinating place and never let it go. Once again though, with my eyes closed this time, I could sense that I was in another place in time. I was lying flat on my back, the earth was damp underneath me and I slowly moved my hands over the soft mossy ground that seemed to be surrounding me. For some reason though, I could not open my eyes. I lay ther...

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